Saturday, April 25, 2009

Un beau samedi

Aujourd’hui, les étudiants de mon cours de français et moi, nous nous sommes bien amusés chez notre amie Lois. Nous avons rencontré pour faire un dîner breton. Nous avons mangé des moules, une salade, du pain, des pommes de terre frites et un far breton. Nous parlions français tout le temps !! Notre chef était Isabelle Tran qui vient de Bretagne comme mon amie Marie-France.

Of course, not all my friends who are reading this blog speak French so I'm going to revert to English! Lois and her husband bought their house less than a year ago and are remodeling it. Her husband makes furniture and has made everything in the house that's wood - all the furniture, kitchen cabinets, bookcases, tables, chairs - everything!! It was absolutely lovely. I can't wait to go to one of their stores - Hardwood Artisans, in case you're interested.

The first picture is of Lois' abode. The next picture is of the class, along with Isabelle (in the pink sweater), cooking the wonderful Breton dinner. We had mussels, a salad with homemade vinaigrette, French fries (naturally), French bread, and a special Breton cake called "far breton." The next two pictures are of the group (couldn't get everyone in one picture) getting ready to sit down and enjoy our lovely dinner. Our professor is in the picture at the left in a blue top.

Thanks to our professor Mme. Bull for arranging this outing. Thanks to Lois for sharing her house, and a special thanks to Isabelle for sharing her expertise. Merci beaucoup pour un bon samedi!

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Stephie said...

Il faut que nous parlions francais ensemble quelque fois!