Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow, Snow Everywhere!!

My last class was Thursday, I finished my visiting teaching, and I was ready to get started on Christmas. My throat and nose had a different idea!! The body decided to get sick so I've been coughing and blowing my nose while I watch about 20+ inches of snow cover the outside of our townhouse. I was all alone because Aimee was in Philadelphia, but it was nice and cozy inside.

Saturday morning the snow had stopped but everything was covered. I looked out my kitchen window and saw a face the snow had left on my neighbor's car so I took the picture. I thought I'd better record this record snowfall which fortunately only happens every four or five years in the DC area. There's no way I would live any further north than here. My pictures aren't that great because they were taken through the window. No, I'm not going out in that snow!!
My sister in Maryland was watching the snow while she was shut in for days with my 97-year-old mother! Judy got some good pictures, too.

My home teacher, Brother Seeley, came over yesterday and cleaned off my car and my sidewalk. YEAH, Bro Seeley!!!! Today, my neighbor Bob cleaned the pile of snow behind my car left by the snow plow. YEAH, Bob!!!!! I went to Costco and got some supplies and the turkey for Christmas dinner. Carrying in heavy objects from the car to the house was not fun with all the black ice, but I made it. Wednesday, Rick and I got to get Aimee in Philadelphia. She's healthy and doing well!!! YEAH, Aimee!!!!

It will be spring before the snow melts in front of my house - no sun during the day - but I don't have to go to work anymore. YEAH, Retirement!!!!

Hope you all are enjoying the weather where you are. I know some of my friends are enjoying summer-type weather in Thailand and Ethiopia. Well, just don't brag! Happy Holidays!!