Sunday, February 7, 2010

La Neige, La Neve, THE SNOW!!

It seems to really snow, snow, snow every four or five years in the Washington, DC, area. AND ... this is the year!! I thought the snow on December 19, 2009, was bad; but this is ridiculous. While some of my friends are blogging that they are going to the beach in Thailand or having beautiful, summer-type days in Ethiopia, we're covered, and I mean covered, with lots and lots of snow!!! I think we've probably had at least two feet or more.

It finally stopped snowing yesterday afternoon. Thank goodness Aimee is here!! I think she's been kinda bored so she headed out during the day yesterday, while it was still snowing, to dig a tunnel to the car.

Of course, when the plows come through, what do they do? Do they move the snow to the side of the road where there are no cars? No, they put the huge mound of snow right behind all the cars. Later in the evening, she journeyed out again to try to move the mound. Here's Aimee doing more today!! NOT a happy camper!

At least it's sunny today, but nothing is melting!! Before Aimee tried her luck again, I took some more pictures from the house. The second one is through the sliding glass door looking out the back of the house.

After a while, others decided to venture out in an attempt to find their cars. Everyone has been raising their windshield wipers to avoid them freezing to the glass. You'll notice that the snow almost hid my wipers!
And, my neighbor's car made a face again!!

I finally decided I should do my part so I went into the backyard. You can see how high the snow was. I knew I needed to move the snow from around the heat pump and the window well. I'm now terribly exhausted. I'm just going to take two vicodan for my knees and lay on the couch!! It better not snow again on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!