Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Mother Turns 97!!!

Yes, yesterday, June 8, 2009, Mother turned 97 years young. Can you believe it! We're sure she's going to make it to 100. It was finally NOT RAINING in the DC area so we decided to go to King George, Virginia, to celebrate. When we go down to Igo (the original name for the area from which my fraternal grandmother lived), we always meet up with cousins Jerry and Dorothy Purks. We're related to Jerry two different ways. Jerry is a first cousin to my father because my fraternal grandfather and Jerry's mother were brother and sister. We're also cousins with Jerry through the Purks line and my fraternal grandmother. I'm so glad that my Grandmother Henderson told me so much about my genealogy on the Henderson-Stevens side of the family.

Anyway, Mother loves to eat at Wilkerson's which is a seafood restaurant in Colonial Beach, Virginia. As usual, mother and I had imperial crab! YUM! YUM! She also had a slice of pecan pie with a candle, and the whole restaurant sang Happy Birthday!! Afterwards, we went to Potomac Church where my father and grandparents are buried to put flowers on the grave. Unfortunately, Mother couldn't get out of the car because she has some trouble walking. All in all we had a great day. Here are some pictures of Mother and Judy and me with Jerry, Dorothy and the Birthday Girl!

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Angie said...

What a fantastic day!